A new weekly listing of mutual funds begins appearing in today's Sun. This table identifies each fund's investment objective, such as growth or income, and provides performance ratings for all funds within those 16 investment-objective categories.

This new listing was developed for The Sun by the Associated Press, using information supplied by Media General of Richmond, Va., which provides specialized investment tables to many newspapers.

The table's performance ratings are based on changes in a fund's net asset value during the most recent three-year period. Each week, the three-year period is updated to reflect that week's performance.

A new weekly listing of U.S. securities prices also appears. It replaces the daily listings of Treasury securities and includes most debt securities of other government agencies as well.


The weekly stock tables that had appeared in The Sun on Sunday now appear on Saturday as part of a new, comprehensive listing of all New York, NASDAQ National Market and American Exchange stocks. These listings, which appeared for the first time yesterday, carry the Friday and weekly trading results and include dividend, yield and price-earnings information for all stocks.


The new weekend tables contain much more information that our previous investment listings did. But, as with all changes, they may at first appear more difficult to use than our old listings.

Each of these tables includes an illustrated explanation to guide you through the new listings and to answer your questions. But if you need further information about the listings, please call us tomorrow (after 10 a.m.) at 332-6400 and we'll do our best to help you out.

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