Soccer shenanigans?Is it true that your paper...


Soccer shenanigans?

Is it true that your paper gave an ultimatum to FIFA concerning coverage of the World Cup, that in order to make soccer more interesting to Sun personnel, your demands were: Use a "rabbit" ball, shorten the field, and have the San Diego chicken running on the sidelines?

Zbigniew Piatek


C. Ripken, Oates are OK

I am in the Air Force stationed in Germany and am an avid Orioles fan. My sister sends me the Sunday Sun regularly, and I just received the Aug. 2 edition. I can't help but respond to the first two letters.

I can't believe anyone would even think Cal Ripken is not a team play- er. Cal grew up on Orioles baseball and Orioles baseball means team ball. Cal is 100 percent a team player, not only on the Orioles but in the whole community. And Johnny Oates is doing a great job, and I hope he is the manager for years to come.

In the second letter, the writer thinks owner Eli Jacobs will unload Cal at the end of the year. If the writer cares to check, Cal is a free agent at the end of the year. If anything, Cal is in the position to do the unloading. I hate the thought of Cal not being an Oriole, but if the owner doesn't want to keep him, I know of 25 other owners and their fans who do. I will always be an Orioles fan, but also I will always be a Cal Ripken and Johnny Oates fan.

Daniel J. Meade

Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany I'd love to start a discussion among your interested readers as to the general manager and coach of an expansion team for Baltimore.

Longtime Baltimore favorite and recent Browns GM retiree Ernie Accorsi, I feel, is a natural choice as GM should we get an expansion team.

The choice for coach is difficult. My choices, not necessarily in order of preference, are Buddy Ryan, Frank Kush or Raymond Berry.

Each man has been a professional coach, and the latter two have emotional (if not residential) ties to Baltimore. Ryan and Kush are "no-nonsense" types and successful teachers, whereas Berry, as a former Colts Hall of Famer, and more recently as coach of New England, might be better for young men playing for an expansion team. What do you football fans think?

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

5/8 As the NFL preseason game at Memorial Stadium draws near, let us "end-zone early-ticket buyers" not forget how we have gotten the shaft.

Excuses were made and form letters of apology were sent out, but it still remains that we were unjustly treated and used. We were sent letters with our tickets stating we had the "best available seat," yet stadium ticket buyers got better seats, and even now, companies are either selling or giving away good seats to the game.

Maybe at halftime we should all stand up and applaud ourselves and remind Mr. Gutowski of the Maryland Stadium Authority that Dif it weren't for us, "some other city would have gotten the ball."

Patricia A. Snyder


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