Police officer charged in Hillendale robbery Man stabbed, woman sexually assaulted at home


A city police officer posted a $25,000 bond last night after investigators charged that he was one of four men who forced their way into a Hillendale apartment, stabbed a man and sexually assaulted a woman while looking for drugs early Thursday.

City police officials have placed Officer Garcia Gilmore, 25, of the Northeast District station, on administrative duties and revoked his police powers pending the outcome of the case, said Sam Ringgold, a police spokesman.

County police picked up Officer Gilmore yesterday morning near a relative's home in West Baltimore and brought him to headquarters in Towson.

After about eight hours of questioning, Officer Gilmore was charged with armed robbery.

Police also searched the home of one of his relatives after picking him up. Police spokesman E. Jay Miller declined to say where the relative lived or what if anything the officers found.

Physical evidence inside the apartment in the 6600 block of English Oak Road led Baltimore County investigators to include Officer Gilmore, who had been on the force for 14 months, in a photographic lineup that was shown to the victims, Mr. Miller said. He would not say what the evidence was.

Mr. Miller said investigators believe the victims did not know the intruders who banged on their door at 12:30 a.m. and demanded to know where the drugs were. Police found no evidence of drugs in the apartment. Mr. Miller said that although the men robbed the apartment's occupants, he did not know the motive for the crime.

Temidayo Sekiteri, 36, a native of Nigeria, and his 22-year-old female roommate, were awakened by banging on the door. Mr. Sekiteri opened the door and was forced back inside by four men armed with large-caliber handguns.

Police said one man was wearing a baseball cap with the initials DEA on the top and a second man was wearing a T-shirt with the same initials printed in large letters on the front. A third man wore what appeared to be a police uniform. The fourth man, police said, wore civilian clothes. With the exception of the man in the police uniform, all wore stocking masks.

Police said the intruders knocked Mr. Sekiteri to the floor, covered his face with duct tape and handcuffed him to a wall railing between two rooms.

One of the men then stabbed Mr. Sekiteri in the upper right leg and left him bleeding on the floor.

Two of the men forced the woman into a bedroom and forced her to perform a sex act.

Police said the apartment was completely ransacked before the intruders escaped.

Mr. Miller said county police were still looking yesterday for the other assailants, who could only be described as black men in their mid-20s to mid-30s.

Mr. Ringgold said that Officer Gilmore could face departmental charges, and the city Police Department's internal affairs unit is also investigating the incident.

Officials have confiscated Officer Gilmore's gun, Mr. Ringgold said. Under departmental policy, if Officer Gilmore is convicted, he automatically will be fired.

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