Officers arrest man after street brawl


County police have charged a Baltimore man with battery and reckless endangerment after investigators said he punched another man and broke his jaw last month outside a popular Pasadena bar.

Police say John Edward Gray, 27 of the 7100 block of Dunshire Way, Baltimore, punched Phillip Lovell, 21, of Millersville outside of A. L. Gators' bar on Fort Smallwood Road on July 17.

Mr. Lovell's jaw was broken in three places.

He has incurred approximately $20,000 in medical bills as a result of that assault and a fight inside the bar, his mother, Eunice Lovell, said.

Mrs. Lovell said although she is pleased that police have made an arrest in the incident, she wants officers to charge the eight men who kicked and punched her son's face inside the bar.

"I just want something done. The point is, I don't want anyone else to have to go through this. People don't realize what goes on in there."

G; Mr. Lovell was on his way to the men's room, when a man

grabbed him by his shirt and tried to punch him, Mrs. Lovell said. Although he managed to avoid the man, someone else grabbed him from behind, and eight people began punching him.

Another man kicked Mr. Lovell in the face several times, before bouncers grabbed the assailant and threw him out of the bar.

According to the police report, officers saw the bouncers take Mr. Lovell outside the bar and tried to intervene when another man punched Mr. Lovell in the face before disappearing into the crowd inside the bar.

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