"Trying to keep the clothes pressed has been a little bit of a problem. I look a little more wrinkled than most good Republicans -- more like a news reporter."

-- Jay Wolfe of Clarksburg, W.Va., who was staying at a campground with his family while attending the convention.

"I was nervous. I had to use a little psychology on myself. I tried to pretend I was just talking to the Arkansas delegation and my husband."

-- Christene Brownlee, an Arkansas delegate who as assistant secretary of the convention was assigned to repeat the delegate totals for each state during the roll call.

"They've run out of ideas. They've run out of energy. They've run out of imagination. With your help, they're going to be run out of office."

-- Democratic vice-presidential nominee Al Gore at the Illinois State Fair.

"The chef must be a Democrat."

-- A diner upon learning that the soup of the day at the Sheraton Astrodome hotel, home to 700 convention participants in the Republican convention, is cream of broccoli.

"I've been going to national conventions since 1968 and it seems like Indiana, with rare exception, has always been in motels that are rented by the hour. This particular time we're staying . . . in one of the best hotels in Houston.

-- A member of the Indiana delegation on the advantages of having Dan Quayle come from your state.

"It's been a real fight. Debating this politically, it's failed to yield a solution for 20 years, and I doubt it ever will."

-- State Sen. Charles Summers of Saco, Maine, who was on the losing side of the platform committee debate over abortion.

"Hey, we're just like the Waltons. Both families spend a lot of time praying for the end of the Depression."

-- Bart Simpson, of the cartoon Simpson family of Fox Broadcasting Co., in yesterday's episode. In the scene, "The Simpsons" are gathered around a TV set watching President Bush, who often says he wants to make American families "a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons."

"You've got Republicans on the ballot and you've got Democrats. That's going to unify us, the George Bush-Bill

Clinton differences . . . those forces are going to unify us."

-- Iowa Republican Chairman Richard Schwarm, explaining why he's confident the moderate-conservative split within the delegation will soon heal.

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