Delegates ready to pack up and fly, fly away


David Blumberg of Baltimore is the head of the city's Republican Party and a delegate to the Republican National Convention. A librarian at the Baltimore City Detention Center, he is writing each day about his thoughts and experiences.

The Maryland delegation feels the family values issue alone will not get us nearly enough votes to win in November. Specific plans on the economy, unemployment and the deficit must also be clearly articulated.

Beverly Goldstein, C.C. Moss and I went to a Jack Kemp reception yesterday sponsored by a Jewish Republican group.

Mr. Kemp was clearly at home. He didn't even need bobby pins to keep his yarmulke on.

A baby was heard crying in the Astrodome last night. The funny thing was the speeches hadn't even started.

Our delegation didn't get as many visits from dignitaries this year because Maryland's U.S. Attorney Dick Bennett wasn't there to be confused with George Bush Jr. They look like twins.

We clear out of Houston today, a city where zoning has been absent -- a circumstance, one imagines, which could have made Roland Park look like Glen Burnie.

L I don't want anyone to think we're anxious to leave Houston.

But I think the airport scene today will be reminiscent of the fall of Saigon in 1975.

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