Churning out "thirtysomething" every week for four...


Churning out "thirtysomething" every week for four seasons was cake compared with making one movie, says Marshall Herskovitz.

"Jack the Bear," Mr. Herskovitz's big-screen directing debut, was to have premiered in December. Next target was fall '92. Now it's March '93. Danny DeVito stars as a late-night monster-movie host in Oakland, Calif., in 1972.

"I thought making a TV series was hard, but making a movie is harder," says Mr. Herskovitz, who turned 40 in February. "The shooting schedule alone exhausts you. It's physically taxing. Then there's the long process of editing. It's terribly difficult."

Jumping from the small to big screen "was not an issue for me," says Mr. Herskovitz.

Next film project for Mr. Herskovitz looks to be producing "Shakespearean Love," a romantic comedy to be directed by his creative partner, Ed Zwick. The Universal flick -- not a definite go -- will tentatively begin production in the fall.

Not that Mr. Herskovitz has abandoned TV.

He and Mr. Zwick have a deal with ABC to supply three series during the next five years. The pilot for the first project has just been written, "and the initial indication is that ABC is excited about it," Mr. Herskovitz says. If ABC bites, it would launch in fall '93.

Although mum on any details, Mr. Herskovitz describes the show as a drama-comedy about a contemporary adolescent girl, as seen through her eyes. Unlike "The Wonder Years," "it has an edge. It's not glorified or objectified or nostalgic." No cast yet.


Oh, no! Another Bundy!

The Bundys will expand by one when Fox's "Married ... With Children" kicks off its seventh season Sept. 13. Shane Sweet plays Seven Bundy, Peg's 6-year-old nephew who's abandoned at her doorstep by his loser parents, Zemus and Ida Mae (guest stars Bobcat Goldthwait and Linda Blair).

Seems Zemus and Ida Mae give away all their young-uns. Seven is their youngest, and sixth, but they can't count. Smitten with the towhead, Peg (Katey Sagal) and Al (Ed O'Neill) decide to keep him, much to their kids' dismay.

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