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Bridge to stay closed for O's games


The Hamburg Street bridge will remain closed during Oriole baseball games -- despite an appeal from the South Baltimore business community that the bridge be reopened in midgame.

City transportation officials say a month-long traffic study determined that opening the bridge during games presented too great a hazard to pedestrians.

Since Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in April, the bridge stays closed from two hours before the game until traffic clears after the game to accommodate baseball fans walking to and from the stadium.

Merchants say keeping it closed four to five hours at a time is hurting business, particularly because one of the best alternative routes into Federal Hill, the Ostend Street bridge, has been closed for repairs.

Traffic experts say the problem in reopening the bridge in midgame is that they couldn't predict when baseball fans would leave, because uncontrollable factors such as the weather and the lopsided scores caused early departures.

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