Nominating remarks


Here are excerpts of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention yesterday by Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin:

. . . Is America better off today than she was four years ago?

Remember President Bush standing in the Rose Garden with Boris Yeltsin and mak- ing the most sweeping nuclear arms cuts in history. Our children can now go to bed in peace and not wake to the fear of nuclear war.

Are we better off than four years ago?

Of course we are.

We have moved from an age of building bomb shelters and missiles that could end our future in a moment, to a chance to restore our precious land and to rejuvenate this entire planet.

Are we better off than four years ago?

Of course we are.

For now we can enter an era that is truly a Pax Americana -- the American Peace -- initiated by the policies of our leader, George Bush.

With the valor and values of a country that echo in all of us, George Bush is the right man on our march to the 21st century.

Because with this peace, a once-murky future rings with clarity.

We can and must secure a different future.

A future America where debt and deficits are conquered, where compassion and competency buttressed by common sense are not exceptions, but the standard for all Americans.

A future America where creations of value are respected.

A future America where each individual has the security we have provided the world.

A future America where the worth of each person is a sign of our glory and each person glories in the worth of the future.

There is one fact that we all know as we begin this often tortured route to choose that one person to lead this America to that future.

You can't be one kind of man and another kind of president.

Inside George Bush is the heart of an 18-year-old fighter pilot who risked his life for his country, who did not run from his responsibilities then and does not now. . . .

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