A nightmare: Bush without Baker aboard


David Blumberg of Baltimore is the head of the city's Republican party and a delegate to the Republican National Convention. A librarian at the Baltimore City Detention Center, he is writing each day about his thoughts and experiences.

Doug Riley, Baltimore County councilman, and my roommate on this trip, awakened me from a nightmare last night. I had been screaming, "Help, help."

I can't remember the dream but I imagine it might have been about the Bush campaign without Jim Baker. Despite his reluctance to join the re-election staff, Mr. Baker realized that if President Bush loses in 1992 that a moderate GOPer (such as himself) has no shot for the nomination in 1996.

I believe Mr. Bush could not win in 1992 without bringing Mr. Baker back.

Here, after a very unscientific poll of other Maryland delegates, is a scorecard for four years hence, complete with odds and race comments:

* Jack Kemp, even money. Good urban policy, creative ideas, a (( team player--great hair.

* Mr. Baker, 5-to-2. Foreign policy experience, administrative skill; however, needs Bush victory in '92 to contend.

* Phil Gramm, 7-to-2. Hard worker, mean as a junkyard dog, but is the Bubba vote enough?

* Dan Quayle, 5-to-1. Despite majority approval in polls for Murphy Brown and ABA remarks, needs drastic PR campaign to "save the quails."

* Pat Buchanan, 8-to-1. Probably committed hara-kari in '92. Not popular with our delegation. He uses the party as a mouthpiece for his reactionary position.

* William Weld, 12-to-1. Dark horse governor of Massachusetts will want liberal vote of GOP (if any exists) for pro-gay, pro-choice and environmental positions.

I attended a reception yesterday where Mr. Quayle was guest of honor. The vice president brought up a good point when he reminded the group that Bill Clinton presented as his foreign policy experience his work as a Senate intern.

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