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Bush must go on the offensive to beat Clinton


David Blumberg of Baltimore is the head of the city's Republican party and a delegate to the Republican National Convention. A librarian at the Baltimore City Detention Center, he is writing each day about his thoughts and experiences.

Both of our congresswomen are with us this morning. Connie Morella is one of the most hospitable people I've ever met in political or private life. Her ever-present smile and pleasant demeanor make her a delight.

Helen Bentley, however, is the better dresser. Her red, white and blue skirt with a herd of elephants embroidered around the hem is one of a kind (I hope.) On her blouse she has more medals than Brezhnev.

Working in a well-run correctional institution, I am used to tight security -- but this? Kevin Igoe, the state party's executive director, found my credentials (which I had inadvertently dropped on the convention floor). My immediate political future was saved; without the credentials, you, a reader back in Baltimore, would have been closer to the Astrodome than me.

George Bush, on his arrival in Houston, gave an impassioned talk. He needs to go on the offensive from this day forward. Bill Clinton is a slickster. However, to confuse his campaign with inept political efforts of Dukakis, Mondale and Carter would be a big mistake. Clinton and Gore sure do have what it takes to take what you have.

Ellen Sauerbrey, the Maryland House minority leader, addressed the convention this morning on empowerment of individuals. She looked great on the podium -- just like like Rue McClanahan.

Ronald Reagan is still the great communicator. He hit all the right notes in his talk on Monday night. We were given signs to wave that said, "Reagan in '96."

Or was it "Reagan is 96"? He just had a birthday, didn't he?"

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