Woman guilty of shooting husband


An county woman has pleaded guilty to shooting her husband, the son of a county circuit court judge.

Renee D. Thieme, 36, was convicted of assault with intent to maim in the shotgun attack on Mark Thieme, 30, on Sept. 5. Sentencing is set for Oct. 6.

Although the shooting occurred in the couple's Pasadena home, the case was heard Monday in Calvert County Circuit Court because the victim is the son of Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr.

Mrs. Thieme had been charged with assault with intent to murder but agreed to plead guilty to the lesser offense of assault with intent to maim.

She could be sentenced to five to 10 years in prison, but Mrs. Thieme's lawyer, public defender Kendel Sibiski, said she would argue for less than the standard sentencing. Ms. Sibiski said she would introduce evidence focusing on Mrs. Thieme's drinking problem and the fact that she had been drinking when the shooting occurred.

Cynthia Ferris, the assistant state's attorney who prosecuted the case, said Mrs. Thieme shot Mr. Thieme with a shotgun when he came home from work. The victim told police that his wife started to argue with him but he refused to respond. Mrs. Thieme went into the bedroom and emerged with the shotgun, pointed it at her husband, who was sitting in a chair, and shot him in the chest.

Ms. Ferris said Mr. Thieme tried to phone for help, but the phone next to him was disconnected. He then tried to get up and go to another phone, but collapsed.

Mrs. Thieme called 911 and told police that the shooting was an accident. Only days later, when Mr. Thieme regained consciousness, did he tell authorities what really happened.

Mr. Thieme was hospitalized for 24 days and was unable to return to work for three months.

Ms. Ferris said Monday was the first time the Thiemes had seen each other since the shooting.

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