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Beginning this week, The Sun is introducing redesigned Business sections that include:

* New local columns each weekday; today's column is about biotechnology and the life sciences.

* Summaries of the day's business news and stock market activity on the back page of this section.

* More than a page of additional news space.

* Consolidated stock tables combining the three major exchanges into a single, alphabetized listing.

* Options, corporate bonds, commodity futures contracts, corporate earnings, government securities and dividends listings have been eliminated or pared back. These items can be ordered each day for free from The Sun's new SunFAX service, described at the bottom of Page 6D.

Questions or comments about these changes can be directed to the Business news department at 332-6400 or to The Sun's reader representative, Ernest Imhoff, at 332-6495 or toll-free at (800) 829-8000, Ext. 6495.

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