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A Political Dictionary for Anguished Voters


If you are going to be an informed voter in November, you mustknow the things the letters of the alphabet stand for, and make your choice as to which really concern you.

A is for abortion and adultery; but also for awareness of the economic miseries and fears of the American people.

B is for bimbos and Bosnians, one group surely deserving more attention than the other.

C is for cronyism, corruption and children, one out of four now living in poverty in America.

D is for deficit, and dirt, and direction, one of which the country truly needs.

E is for excessive, as in rhetoric about family values, and who has the most; and for excellence, which we must glorify.

F is for federal and fools, the words not necessarily redundant or mutually exclusive.

G is for government, and girls, with politicians claiming they want less even as they seek more.

H is for homes, housewives and husbands, all of which have become very hard to afford in America.

I is for interest rates; and integrity in the Congress, the White House and private business. Both have dipped lately.

J is for jobs, and jokes about the private lives of George Bush and Bill Clinton. We've been producing more jokes than jobs.

K is for kicks, and kindnesses, either to be aimed at the poor, at AIDS victims, at the "outsiders" of American life.

L is for liberals, and love, and liberation of people from the last vestiges of slavery and feudalism.

M is for money, the single greatest thing that makes the privileged different from the poor; and for morals and motivation, which our adults need as much as our teen-agers.

N is for nosy, which our press has become in outrageous ways; and for noble, which most of our public figures are not.

O is for obnoxious, which describes attack-dog campaigning; and for operation, a medical procedure some 40 million Americans cannot afford.

P is for pennies, which is what Mr. Bush has been spending to make our school kids competitive; and for promises by Mr. Clinton that he will do better.

Q is for quackery, on which we're overdosed; and for questions Messrs. Bush and Clinton must answer about the economic future of the average American family.

R is for rights, which must be honored for women and minorities; and for recklessness, as in using the military in adventures designed to win votes.

S is for sin and sainthood; and for sanity enough to know that neither should be a factor in this election.

T is for taxes; and for the truth that we Americans can play, then pray, but eventually we must pay for the good life.

U is for upset, and uninformed, both of which describe the state of the American electorate.

V is for victory, which can be hollow as in a desert war, or pyrrhic when a non-leader is elected; and for vital, which describes the interest of all Americans in this election.

W is for work, wariness and wisdom, which all Americans need.

X is the rating we can give the Clinton and Bush campaigns so far.

Y is for youth, our children and grandchildren who deserve an inheritance better than the colossal national debt that is growing at the rate of $400 billion a year.

Z is for zeal and zest and zing, all of which must be manifested by campaigners and voters who understand that no one can "go fishin' " or otherwise fail to vote and thus honor our right to make political choices in freedom.

Carl T. Rowan is a syndicated columnist.

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