Man pleads guilty to robbery called cab, but got police


A 22-year-old Glen Burnie man who was arrested in December after he called for a cab and instead got the police pleaded guilty yesterday to robbing a 7-Eleven store.

Hilton Edward Brooks, of the 7800 block Myers Drive, will be sentenced Sept. 28.

His lawyer tried unsuccessfully to persuade Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. that his client's actions didn't fit the legal definition of robbery.

The clerk of the 7-Eleven store in the 500 block Donaldson Ave. in Severn told police that on Dec. 29, a man wearing a Los Angeles Raiders jacket had walked into the store with his hands in his pockets and said, "Pops, this is a stickup. I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"I'm not sure those words constitute a threat of force," lawyer Paul Harris argued. "The young man said he wanted money and the clerk gave it to him."

Judge Thieme disagreed and accepted the guilty plea.

Brooks was arrested on the morning of the robbery by county police who lured him out of his home when they showed up in the cab he had ordered.

Brooks became a suspect when police learned from witnesses that the robbery suspect had ridden to the 7-Eleven in a taxi. When Brooks called the cab company later that morning, officers borrowed the cab and arrested him as he came out of his house to get in.

The 7-Eleven employee arrived and identified Brooks as the robber.

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