11 a.m.

Call to order, National Committee Chairman Richard N. Bond


Election of temporary officers

Remarks: Sally Atwater, wife of the late National Committee Chairman Lee Atwater

Call of the convention, Permanent Secretary Cheryl Lau, Nevada secretary of state


* National Republican Congressional Committee candidates; National Republican Senatorial Committee candidates

* Credentials, Chuck Yob, Michigan

* Permanent organizations, state Rep. Sandra Mortham, Florida

* Rules and order of business, Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson


* Resolutions (Platform), committee chairman, Sen. Don Nickles, Oklahoma

Subcommittee on Individual Rights, Good Homes and Saf Streets: Mary Summa, North Carolina; Keith Butler, Michigan

Subcommittee on Family Values, Education and Health Care Joyce L. Terhes, Maryland; Ann Wilson, Mississippi

Subcommittee on Economy, Trade, Jobs and the Budget: Gadd Vasquez, California; Nancy Sheltra, Vermont

Subcommittee on Reforming Government and the Legal System Tom Hartnett, South Carolina; Jan Landis, Illinois

Subcommittee on Wise Use of Our Land, Food and Resources Ally Miller, Nebraska; Joe Barton, Texas


Subcommittee on Foreign Policy, National Defense an Intelligence Needs: Sen. Richard G. Lugar, Indiana; Bo Calloway, Colorado; Cheryl Lau, Nevada

8 p.m.

Call to order


* Jay Kim, California congressional candidate, mayor, Diamond Bar, Calif.

* Rep. Guy Vander Jagt, Michigan, chairman, National Republican Congressional Committee


* Sarah Flores, assistant county supervisor, Los Angeles

* Sen. Phil Gramm, Texas, chairman, National Republican Senatorial Committee

* Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida

* Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas treasurer, temporary convention chairman

* Sen. Alan K. Simpson, Wyoming

* Carla A. Hills, U.S. trade representative


* Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar

* South Carolina Gov. Carroll A. Campbell Jr.

* Sen. John McCain, Arizona

* Condoleezza Rice, former special assistant to the president for national security affairs

* Patrick J. Buchanan

* Former Sen. Paul Laxalt of Nevada


0$ * Former President Ronald Reagan


11 a.m.

Call to order

Speeches and presentations:

* Jeanie Austin, co-chairman, Republican National Committee


* P. J. Morgan, mayor, Omaha, Neb.

* Al Cardenas, Republican State Central Committee, Dade County, Fla.

* The Rev. E. V. Hill, pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Los Angeles

* Rep. Barbara Vucanovich, Nevada

* Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, Connecticut

* Ellen R. Sauerbrey, minority leader, Maryland House of Delegates


* Michael Deland, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality

L * Matt Fong, member, California State Board of Equalization.

* Bill Althaus, York, Pa., president, U.S. Conference of Mayors

* Jose Nino, president, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

* Victor Ashe, mayor, Knoxville, Tenn.

* Barbara Todd, Pinellas County, Fla., vice president, National Association of Counties


* Joan Hastings, Tulsa, Okla., president, Council of Republican County Officials

* Nao Takasugi, mayor, Oxnard, Calif.

* Ken Harper, Kentucky, president, National Republican Legislators Association

National Republican Congressional Committee candidates

National Republican Senatorial Committee candidates

Republican National Committee Official Auxiliary groups


8 p.m.

Call to order


* Rep. Robert H. Michel, Illinois, House minority leader

* Wisconsin Gov. Tommy G. Thompson

* Education Secretary Lamar Alexander


* Commerce Secretary Barbara Hackman Franklin

* William K. Reilly, administrator, Environmental Protection Agency

* Michigan Gov. John Engler

* Health and Human Services Secretary Louis W. Sullivan

* Energy Secretary James D. Watkins

* Massachusetts Gov. William F. Weld


* Gadde Vasquez, supervisor, Orange County, Calif.

* The Rev. Keith Butler, Word of Faith Christian Center, Detroit city councilman

* Rep. Newt Gingrich, Georgia, House whip

* Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack F. Kemp

* Treasurer Cathy Villalpando

7+ Keynote address, Sen. Phil Gramm, Texas



8 p.m.

Call to order


* New Jersey Assemblyman Jose Sosa

* Missouri Gov. John D. Ashcroft, chairman, National Governors' Association


* The Rev. Marion G. "Pat" Robertson

* Kay James, associate director, Office of National Drug Control Policy

* Ohio Gov. George V. Voinovich

* California Gov. Pete Wilson

* Mary Fisher, founder, Family AIDS Network

* Marilyn Quayle, wife of the vice president


* Barbara Bush, wife of the president

Nomination speech, Labor Secretary Lynn Martin

Nomination seconding speeches:

* Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky

* Gloria Gonzales-Roemer, Colorado delegate

* Pat Saiki, administrator, Small Business Administration


* J. C. Watts, Oklahoma, member, Corporate Commission

* William J. Bennett, former secretary of education

Roll call of states


8 p.m.

Call to order



* Lynne Cheney, chairwoman, National Endowment for the Humanities

* Former President Gerald R. Ford

Acceptance speech, Vice President Dan Quayle


* Gale Norton, Colorado attorney general


* Sen. Bob Dole, Kansas, Senate minority leader

Acceptance speech, President Bush



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