You'd have to be on a double...


You'd have to be on a double dose of Valium not to be uneasy about the situation. But it's not hopeless."

--Bob Bobosky, a delegate from Portland, Ore., regarding the GOP's prospects in November

"We've been spoiled by the Great Communicator. Ronald Reagan is a difficult man to follow when it comes to communicating ideas to the American people."

-- Mike Tefft, a delegate from Lincoln, Neb.

"We'll all know in 100 days or so if that was the right judgment or not."

-- Craig Fuller, campaign chairman of the convention, on whether President Bush waited too long to come out swinging

"In the past, I think the national Democratic Party has picked people that are maybe away from the mainstream Democratic Party in Kentucky. With Clinton in the race that's a different story, and that's what worries me."

-- State Rep. Tom Jensen, minority leader in the Kentucky House

"You hire the same team that helped change the world to help change America."

-- Education Secretary Lamar Alexander, telling delegates they must spread the word that the same President Bush who forged change internationally is the man to tackle domestic problems

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