Solid, consistent sailing wins regatta for crew of Bunky's Boat


Asked for the secret of his win last weekend in the 14-boat J/24 class at Severn Sailing Association's (SSA) Ed Hoyt Regatta, Annapolitan Bunky Hines said, "Have a baby, win a race."

In fact, it was solid and consistent sailing in the two-day, five-race event that won Hines and his Bunky's Boat crew the regatta.

But Hines regarded it as a fitting celebration of the birth of his daughter, Charlotte Christine, the night before the regatta began.

He emerged at the top of the fleet at the end of Saturday's racing and held on through Sunday's contests to win the regatta.

Hines, a lifelong sailor who regularly competes in Chesapeake 20s as well as J/24s, is associated with Hartge's Yacht Yard in Galesville. He and wife, Chrissy, are also the proud parents of a son, Richard, 3.

The regatta, named for SSA's veteran Tempest sailor Ed Hoyt of Annapolis, began as a relatively informal Tempest-only event. It gradually expanded with invitations to other SSA keelboat fleets to join the fun, adding starts for J/24s and Solings, and subsequently gaining sanction for Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association High Point.

Hoyt himself also competed again this year, placing second in the Tempest class, behind the seemingly unbeatable Tom O'Hara, who won that class' regatta with a perfect four-ace score.

Although both the J/24 and Soling classes sailed two races Sunday on top of Saturday's three, there was only a single Tempest start Sunday, bringing that class' series to a total of four.

In the Soling class, Annapolitan Peter Gleitz dominated once again, with four aces and a third in the fifth race, which was won by Soling veteran Stuart Walker, who finished the regatta fourth after missing Saturday's races.

This year's event, with consistently heavy air Saturday and a variety of conditions ranging from light and shifty to a fairly powerful blow Sunday, put crews to the test.

Many sailors, especially in the J/24 division, had shifted positions within their existing teams or added new, in-training members for the regatta.

Ed Hoyt Regatta

J/24 (14 starters): 1. Bunky's Boat, Bunky Hines, Annapolis, 11.75 (3-2-1-2-4); 2. Sailin' Shoes, Scott Leonard, Annapolis, 12.5 (1-3-5-1-3); 3. AJ, David Scheidt, Gingerville, 19 (2-6-6-3- 2); 4. Latent Defect, Stewart Spettel, Alexandria, Va., 22.5 (4- 1-2-PMS-1); 5. Dilligaff, Steve Voorhis, Annapolis, 28 (5-8-3-6-6).

Tempest (5 starters): 1. Tom O'Hara, Alexandria, Va., 3 (1-1-1-1); 2. Edgar Hoyt, Annapolis, 11 (3*-3-2-2); 3. Cem Akisoglu, Washington, 16 (2-2-DNC-DNC).

Soling (6 starters): 1. Peter Gleitz, Annapolis, 6 (1-1-1-1-3); 2. Michael Butz, [address unavailable], 15 (3-4-3-3-2); 3. John Harper, Great Falls, Va., 20 (2-2-2-DNC-DNC).

* denotes 20 percent penalty added to finish position for score.


Severn Sailing Association's Junior Program came to a close Thursday evening with the traditional graduation and awards ceremony and cookout.

The program, which began June 22, included classes for the three ranks of Seaman, Mate and Skipper for Optimist sailors, as well as two 420 divisions, Mate and Skipper, for the most senior members of the program.

New among the many awards this year was the Corinthian Cup, awarded to "that junior sailor whose actions befit that of a young lady or gentleman and whose spirit reflects that the race best sailed is the one most fairly sailed."

This year's recipient was Joe Fava, son of James and Donna Fava of Pasadena and a member of the Optimist Skipper class. He was also the winner of last month's 37-boat Optimist division in the CBYRA Junior Open Regatta sponsored jointly by SSA and Annapolis Yacht Club.

Outstanding boy and girl sailors' awards went to Optimist Skipper Scott MacMullan, son of W. A. MacMullan of Arnold, and 420 Skipper Karen Coe, daughter of Jennifer and Steve Coe of Annapolis, respectively.

The prestigious Golden Bowl, considered to be the ultimate SSA junior racing trophy, was awarded to Brad Julian, son of Peter and Diane Julian of Annapolis, for his win in the 420 Skipper division.

SSA Junior Program Awards

Optimist Seaman Class

Guppy Bowl: 1. Danny Anderson, Baltimore; 2. Scott Weller, Annapolis; 3. Matt Dixon, Annapolis.

Sportsmanship Award: Matt Dixon.

Most Improved: Meg Myers, Annapolis.

Parent/Child Races: 1. Justin Disborough/Dave & Justine Disborough, Annapolis; 2. Sarah Hale/Tom & Francie Hale, Annapolis; 3. Ryan Carroll/Larry Carroll, Arnold.

Thursday Night Series: 1. Justin Disborough; 2. Adam Owings, Annapolis; 3. Sarah Hale.

Optimist Mate Class

Turtle Bowl: 1. Chris Summers, Annapolis; 2. Fred Antell, Annapolis; 3. Kevin Sweeney, Riva.

Most Improved: Kevin Sweeney.

Parent/Child Races: 1. Emily Rodriguez/Polli Rodriguez, Annapolis; 2. Rusty Potee/Russell Potee, Arnold; 3. Brendan Shattuck/Alden Shattuck, Annapolis.

Thursday Night Series: 1. Fred Antell; 2. Rusty Potee; 3. Emily Rodriguez.

Optimist Skippers Class

Commodore's Bowl: 1. Scott MacMullan, Arnold; 2. Pat Doherty, Annapolis; 3. J. C. Waldron, Annapolis.

Most Improved: Trevor Shattuck, Annapolis.

Parent/Child Races: 1. Karl Schneider/Bill Schneider, Annapolis; 2. Brian Conway/Joe Conway, Annapolis; 3. John Foye/Pat Foye, Arnold.

Thursday Night Series: 1. John Foye; 2. Matt Shubert, Annapolis; 3. Trevor Shattuck.

420 Mates Class

Bailer Bowl: 1. Shawn Ritter, Annapolis; 2. Ben Manning, Annapolis; 3. Noah Donaldson, Annapolis.

Most Improved: Shawn Ritter.

Parent/Child Series: 1. Lauren Peterson/Robert Peterson, Annapolis.

Thursday Night Series: 1. Noah Donaldson.

420 Skippers Class

Golden Bowl: 1. Brad Julian, Annapolis; 2. Karen Coe, Annapolis; 3. Keith Matney/Tim Olson, Annapolis.

Most Improved: Karen Coe.

Labrot High Point Award: Brad Julian.

Special Trophies

Pat Empey Trophy (Outstanding Girl Sailor): Karen Coe.

McLean Welch Trophy (Outstanding Boy Sailor): Scott MacMullan.

Sandy MacVicker Sportsmanship Trophy: Keith Matney.

McDowell Marlinspike Trophy: Sarah Hale.

Bartlett Trophy (Outstanding Dedication to SSA Goals): John Foye.

Corinthian Cup: Joe Fava, Pasadena.

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