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Police seek funds for firing range, two investigators Council to hear $122,000 request


The county police team that takes over the assets of drug dealers wants more than $122,000 to refurbish the police firing range it uses for training and to hire two private investigators to work with the state's attorney's office.

The County Council has scheduled a public hearing on the supplemental budget request, funneled through County Executive Robert R. Neall, at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Arundel Center.

The firing range at the police academy in Davidsonville, where the Forfeiture and Asset Seizure Team trains, was slated for an overhaul in the capital budget, but the request was not approved, said County Budget Officer Steven E. Welkos.

Under the executive's bill, $75,000 would provide for a minor overhaul of the range. The remaining $47,580 would allow the state attorney's forfeiture office to hire two private investigators to do work that is now done by uniformed officers. The officers are needed for other duties because of the recent early retirement offered by the department, Mr. Welkos said.

Also scheduled for public hearings:

* A transfer of $67,000 from the Office of Central Services and the Legislative Branch to the Office of Planning and Zoning to provide funding for the Commission on Culture and Arts.

* An ordinance that would modify the county plumbing code to make technical corrections and update it to make the code consistent with state law.

* An ordinance concerning a property tax refund for Uta-Christine Miller of Pasadena, whose property in the 3400 block of Marble Arch Drive should have been exempt from taxes from Feb. 15, 1987, until Feb. 15, 1992, because of a medically certified disability.

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