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Club for the under-21 set giving out good vibrations


If you're young, bored and looking for a place in Harford to dance, listen to live music and have fun without alcohol or drugs, then Vibrations, an under-21 nightclub in Forest Hill, is your spot.

Vibrations will feature music, games and food in a safe environment, said Ron Brown, who along with his wife, Linda, and father-in-law, Joe Henry, is the proprietor of the nightclub on Route 24, about two miles north of Bel Air.

"We've been open a few weeks and, although attendance hasn't been spectacular, I'm optimistic about our chances of success," said Mr. Brown. "I realize that many kids in the age group we're trying to attract are on vacation, but opening now gives us the chance to work out the bugs before the crunch when school reopens."

Mr. Brown also realizes that this type of venture presents obstacles, especially in trying to convince parents and community leaders that the club is a safe place for young people to have fun.

To deal with their fears, Mr. Brown has scheduled an "open house" from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. Invitations have been sent to middle and high schools, churches and various youth groups in the county.

A former gymnastics instructor, Mr. Brown is used to dealing with obstacles.

"Most fears deal with security both inside and outside the facility," he said. "We have a security team that monitors the building and surrounding parking lot. Once someone has been admitted to the building, they may not leave and then return. And we don't allow youngsters to congregate on the parking lot in vehicles."

L He has no qualms about selling his venture to the community.

"I feel comfortable talking to parents, educators and civic groups," said Mr. Brown, a graduate of Springfield (Mass.) College. "I hope to work with schools throughout the county in a fund-raising capacity," he said, possibly to arrange sharing ticket proceeds with schools sponsoring events at the club.

Mr. Brown expects patrons of Vibrations "will be made up of youngsters between 15 and 19."

"Many parents of today's youngsters had teen centers in which to socialize," he said. "There is a need for this generation to have similar facilities. We hope to fill that need."

Mr. Brown has bought radio air time to advertise upcoming events, such as live band nights featuring The Slip, Short Fuse, Vicious Wishes, Backlash and Stick Men.

The club is open every Friday and Saturday with live bands and disc jockeys alternating nights. Admission is $6.

In addition to the nightclub, the building is equipped with a game room and indoor miniature golf course. Eventually, Mr. Brown hopes to install a cafe with a menu featuring pizza, hot dogs and soda and a "make your own sundae" ice cream bar.

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