Should Shilling have gotten a raise?Editor's note:...


Should Shilling have gotten a raise?

Editor's note: The county school board recently approved a $6,000 increase in the salary of Superintendent R. Edward Shilling. The board also OK'd a $3,000 annual increase for Deputy Superintendent Brian Lockard, recommended by Mr. Shilling because Mr. Lockard has taken on additional duties. Mr. Shilling's new annual salary is more than $104,000; under theterms of his contract it will rise to $118,000 by July 1994. He also receives substantial benefits and would be paid the entire four-year balance of his salary if he were fired for unsatisfactory performance. We asked our readers, in light of budget cuts and failure of many school employees to get raises this year, should the board have raised these salaries? Should Mr. Shilling and Mr. Lockard have turned down the raises? Here are some of the responses we have received:

From: Richard Siehler


Definitely should not get salary increases and free life insurance and car allowance.

Should be eliminated immediately.

2& School board should be eliminated.


From: John Fernandez


Another punch in the ribs for the taxpayers -- $6,000 is bad enough, add an additional $3,000

and now, my good friends, go ahead and fire him.

Now see what he collects.

1% A true horror story. What a joke.

Nobody seems to care about the disabled

From: Carl L. Jarrett


As a paraplegic who is sort of new to it, I must drive a motor vehicle equipped with a chair lift.

I have found cars parked in handicap areas that do not show any kind of handicap ID. The offenders get very nasty when asked to move.

The police do not seem to care. One time, a car pulled between two parked handicap vehicles, jamming my lift gate in spite of the sign on the door.

The worst has been at the 140 Village Shopping Center in this area. I have seen it almost every place I have visited.

7+ As I said before, nobody seems to care.

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