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Dear Stadium Doctor:We have season tickets in...


Dear Stadium Doctor:

We have season tickets in left field. Anyone who has watched a game from there knows how difficult it is to see the batter from these seats. Why can't they show the batters hitting on the replay screen instead of showing us a still photo of them? This would make those seats much more acceptable.

Can you remedy the situation?

C. Lewis


Dear C. Lewis:

First, let me say how sorry I am to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your seats at the new ballpark in the Camden Yards neighborhood. For our first-time readers, let me repeat that Stadium Doctor was not directly involved in the planning and/or construction of this exciting sports building and, for that reason, should not be named in any lawsuits contemplated by disgruntled ticket buyers.

Now then. There is an excellent reason why the Orioles refrain from showing live pictures of activities in the batter's box: They can't. Major League Baseball strictly prohibits scoreboard programmers from showing any moving pictures during at-bats. The theory is that some batters might be distracted if they were to look up between practice swings to see 40-foot high images of themselves between practice swings.

Dear Stadium Doctor:

The stadium parking spaces are clearly marked by white lines, and the parking ticket states cars are to be parked in a designated parking area. The attendants, however, force you to park outside the lines in order to squeeze in more vehicles. Why do they set the rules and then violate them?

Charles B. Hebler


Dear Charles B. Hebler:

Thank you very much for raising this intriguing question. Not that you asked, but Stadium Doctor is well-schooled in the area of automotive issues, having once changed a carburetor for Dr. Michael DeBakey, a renowned heart surgeon who happens to be a very careful driver, should you be interested in that type of


I checked out your parking comment thoroughly, which is to say I contacted the person who sits in that little green booth in the middle of the stadium lot, occasionally reading a magazine. I was told that, as you say, the rules sometimes are bent to permit cars to park outside the lines, but that you shouldn't worry. It's only allowed on days when all the regular spaces are filled. Even then, extra cars are parked in places where they won't keep somebody in a real space from easily getting in or out.

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