From The Sun Aug. 16-22, 1842AUG. 16:...


From The Sun Aug. 16-22, 1842

AUG. 16: The Western mail was detained yesterday, on account of the cars running off the track, on the rail-road about twenty-five miles west of Baltimore. Some miscreant had placed a bar of iron across the track.

AUG. 19: The colored people who go to church near the corner of East and Douglass Streets have been for a long time annoyed in their worship, especially on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, by a collection of rowdies who meet there for amusement.

From The Sun Aug. 16-22, 1892

AUG. 16: As dwellers along the Western Maryland railroad have renewed objections to the blowing of whistles, especially at night, President Hood has repeated his order that whistles must be sounded only at the whistle posts.

From The Sun Aug. 16-22, 1942

AUG. 16: Back in 1742, Henry Sater gave "one acre of land for a meeting house, burying ground and all other conveniences for ++ the church and congregation forever, to the end of the world." The two hundredth anniversary of this church, at Chestnut Ridge, will be celebrated September 13 to 16.

AUG. 22: The John Sergeant, fifty-fifth Liberty ship launched at Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyards, slid down the ways yesterday, forty-six days after the keel was laid, setting a new record for the local and as well as for the whole Atlantic coast.

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