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Musical razzle-dazzle

Given the way special effects have begun to crowd the music out of many concerts these days, you'd think that a band as devoted to musical integrity as U2 would go out of its way to keep the gimmicks to a minimum. Instead, the band has embraced that razzle-dazzle with a show that purposely goes completely over-the-top with its visual spectacle -- and still delivers the goods musically. That's why even those who caught the band on the arena leg of its "ZOO TV" tour earlier this year can't wait to see what tonight and tomorrow's shows at RFK Stadium will be like. Show time is 7:30 each night, and some seats are still available for both shows. Call (410) 481-7328.

Grimaldis' summer group exhibit showcases the gallery's "stable," but nevertheless has some surprises in store. Grace Hartigan is doing flower paintings after the masters, and her "Peonies (After Manet)" combines her vitality with suggestions of Manet's black and of death. Eugene Leake's "Night Pond" conveys the sense of life as a gleam between two eternities, but also the possibility of individual worth. And there are contributions by Anne Truitt, John Gossage and Henry Coe. The show runs through Aug. 22 at the C. Grimaldis Gallery, 1006 Morton St. Call (410) 539-1080.

BY JOHN DORSEY "The Best Intentions" is the last of Ingmar Bergman's great movies, and he didn't even direct it. It was instead directed by the Dane Bille August from Bergman's script, and it's the remorselessly clinical examination of Bergman's parents' courtship and marriage. An angst-ridden and guilt-haunted Lutheran pastor (Samuel Froler) tries desperately to live the the moral life; and his cheerfully bourgeoise wife (Pernilla August) tries with equal desperation to understand her husband's strangeness. The movie operates on what might be called the particular/universal axis: the more specific and exact the movie becomes, somehow the more universal. That sad, haunted glum fellow who bestrides the movie could in the end be a mythic figure called Everydad. Unrated. *** 1/2 .

Stephen Hunter It's a telethon, but instead of trying to raise money, they'll be trying to raise the consciousness of young voters. Marky Mark, MC Lyte and Megadeath's Dave Mustaine will be be host to MTV's "Choose or Lose Telethon" starting at 1 p.m. today. The lineup includes celebrities, interviews, music and voter registration information, which viewers can get by calling an 800 number. MTV's "Choose or Lose" campaign has been one of the bright spots on TV during this election year.

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