Girl, 12, again assaulted in her home, police say Mother's boyfriend sought in latest rape


A 12-year-old girl who was sexually molested three years ago by her stepfather was raped again on Thursday, this time allegedly by her mother's live-in boyfriend, Baltimore police said.

The boyfriend, identified as Nathaniel James Jackson, 44, is charged in a warrant with rape, child abuse and battery.

He was still being sought last night, said Sam Ringgold, a police spokesman.

The victim's mother, whose identity was being withheld to protect the child, said the attack occurred at 7:30 a.m. in a second-floor bedroom at their home in the 900 block of N. Carrollton Ave. in West Baltimore.

She said her young son came to tell her that his sister was being attacked in the bedroom, prompting her to run upstairs and kick in the door.

"She was trying to run in the closet. . . . She was terrified," the mother said. "I grabbed a hammer and I was going to hit him with it, but he took it away."

The man ran outside in his bare feet as she gave chase screaming, the mother said. He ran down a nearby street and disappeared.

The girl was taken to University of Maryland Medical Center, where it was confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted, the mother said.

Police said last night that they had no clues as to the suspect's whereabouts.

Mr. Jackson, a stock handler at a local meat wholesaling business, moved in with the woman two years ago, after having been friends with her for more than a decade.

She said he had always been supportive and had comforted her through a rough period in 1989, when she split up with her husband after he sexually assaulted her daughter in their home on Calhoun Street, around the corner from their current address.

He subsequently was convicted of child abuse, the mother said. She and her daughter underwent counseling for several months.

Mr. Jackson had been a decent father to the victim and her two siblings, ages 9 and 7, their mother said.

"We were like any big family, and it seemed to be going well," she said.

She also said that it now will be hard to make ends meet on her limited income. She is unemployed and collects welfare payments, she said.

At the end of March, the family moved to the home on North Carrollton Avenue to provide the children more room.

But hopes for a stable family life have dissolved, the mother said.

"I'm just fed up with men completely," she said. "This has been awful.

"They've been ruining my life, and my daughter's."

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