All ages find cartoon pair fun to wear


That disgustingly bizarre cat and dog pair that has stolen the hearts of children with a love for the grotesque is now showing up on the chests and backsides of an older crowd.

T-shirts, boxer shorts and posters featuring nose-picking, kitty litter-eating cartoon duo named Ren and Stimpy are being bought by not only youngsters, but also college students and adults.

The T-shirts, in 26 different designs, are produced by Changes, of Queens, N.Y., and are available at area gift shops and department stores for $15 or $16. At Macy's at Marley Station Mall all but one of their shipments of Ren and Stimpy T-shirts sold out -- to 15 to 25-year-olds, according to salesman Sergio Quiroz. Posters of Ren and Stimpy, produced by Western Graphics, are also available at Toys R Us, and sell for $3.79.

And there are Ren and Stimpy boxers, too, featuring small pictures of the pair. Manufactured by Boxer Rebellion in Virginia Beach, Va., the boxers can be found at gift and novelty stores such as Spencer Gifts and at J. C. Penney for around at $14.99, said a spokeswoman at Spencer Gifts in Security Square Mall.

But the folks who are stuck on Stimpy boxers aren't just little kids, she said: The average age of Ren and Stimpy boxer buyers at that store is 16 to 25.

So what's the appeal?

"When the kids buy them it's just the idea of how rude and obnoxious they are. With the adults, its just kind of neat to revert back to their childhood," said Sean Whaley, assistant manager of Spencer Gifts in Golden Ring Mall.

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