1980 scrabble champ wins U.S. title againRattled...

1980 scrabble champ wins U.S. title again

Rattled when he couldn't play the word he wanted, Joe Edley stared intently at the jumble of letters.


Then, bingo!

The one-time math major saw "quantiles," a 70-point word that propelled him to a come-from-behind victory yesterday in the National Scrabble Championship.


The word means the values of random variables.

"After that, I had to play catch-up, but I couldn't find anything," Joel Wapnick, a music teacher at McGill University in Montreal, said after losing three straight games yesterday, allowing Mr. Edley to carry off the $10,000 championship.

Mr. Edley swamped Mr. Wapnick, 465-325, in the final game of the 27-round tournament.

Allen seeks custody of kids from Farrow

Woody Allen -- comedian, actor and director -- began legal action yesterday to win custody of his three children from actress Mia Farrow, his longtime companion.

Mr. Allen and Ms. Farrow, who have been together for about 12 years, have one son together, an adopted son and an adopted daughter. The couple have never been married and have maintained separate residences.

A source who would speak only on condition on anonymity said "it would be fair" to say they are no longer romantically involved.

Mock trial of Oswaldsticks to Warren data


The latest (there have been at least two others) mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald concludes on cable's Court TV channel Tuesday. Proceedings began Monday, staged by the litigation section of the American Bar Association.

Organizers said they did not want to feed the conspiracy frenzy and so are sticking closely to the Warren Commission evidence and the testimony of actual witnesses and experts.

"It's going to be a very interesting exercise," said James Lesar of the Assassination Archives and Research Center in Washington.

"But no matter what they decide, the controversy won't go away."

Teddy flies a kite with wife, stepdaughter

At age 60, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy may find touch football, the Kennedy family pastime, a bit too much. Something better left to the next generation.


So, over the weekend, the Massachusetts Democrat was spotted on the beach of the family estate at Hyannis Port with his new wife, the former Vicki Reggie, and her daughter, Caroline Racin, 6, doing what many Republicans probably have told Teddy to do for years --go fly a kite.

Rock musician plays guitar with power drill

Paul Gilbert of the rock group Mr. Big has a habit of playing electric guitar with a power drill instead of a pick.

This bizarre practice attracted the attention of Makita, a toolmaking company, which is sponsoring the band's current U.S. tour.

Queen Elizabeth plays marriage counselor

London's Sunday Express reports that Queen Elizabeth is trying to play marriage counselor for her children and their unhappy spouses.


She reportedly ordered Fergie, the Duchess of York, to attend a coming family gathering at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and simply told Prince Charles and Princess Diana to "try harder.


Newspaper columnist and author Russell Baker is 67. Singer Buddy Greco is 66. Actress Alice Ghostley is 66. Rock singer David Crosby is 51. Jockey Robyn Smith is 48. Actress Susan Saint James is 46. Basketball star and Olympic gold medalist Magic Johnson is 33.

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