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Romance is in the air in series reruns


On The Weekend Watch:

ROCKY RELATIONSHIPS -- Possibilities of matrimony provided the tantalizing theme of several series over the last season, as recapitulated in two repeats tonight. On NBC's "A Different World" (at 8, Channel 2), setting up the eventual two-part season finale, Whitley and Dwayne (Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardeston) seem headed for splitsville as she gets serious about Byron (Joe Morton). And also at 8 (Channel 13) on ABC's "Who's the Boss," Tony and Angela (Tony Danza and Judith Light) want some time together after finally becoming a romantic item, but parental trials interfere.

POLITICAL RELATIONSHIPS -- Expect Vice President Dan Quayle and wife Marilyn to discuss family values on tonight's edition of ABC's "Prime Time Live" (at 10, Channel 13). Perhaps they will also be asked to address their recent apparent public divergence on the question of how they'd handle a hypothetically pregnant daughter's abortion dilemma. And note they are also scheduled to appear on tomorrow's "CBS This Morning" (7 a.m., Channel 11).

MIXED MUSIC -- At 9 p.m. Friday on Maryland Public Television, "Evening at Pops" features crooner/songwriter John Denver doing some of his repertoire with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus. And at 10 p.m. on Channel 54, "Street Gold: Original Leads of the Temptations" profiles David Ruffin, Eddie Kendrick and Dennis Edwards of the Motown group.

THE SPORTS SCENE -- An Orioles triple-header is on Channel 2 through the weekend, as the Birds meet Kansas City at Royals Stadium. Game coverage can be seen at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. The final tourney of professional golf's Grand Slam circuit, "The PGA Championship," from Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, is on CBS (Channel 11) beginning at 1:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. John Daly defends his 1991 title. And NFL football pre-season action is also on CBS Saturday (at 8 p.m.), as the Browns meet the Giants.

THE CABLE CONNECTION -- Can Garry Shandling's new series for HBO, a spoof of late-night talk shows, be half as funny as the real talk show wars? "The Larry Sanders Show," premiering at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, not only delivers "huuuuge laughs" (as co-star Rip Torn promises in one episode), but some sharp satire, too. With Shandling having once been a guest host on "The Tonight Show," you get the feeling he took careful notes on all the backstage insincerity.

THE MOVIE MARQUEE -- The CBS Friday movie starts at an odd time, 8:55 p.m. (Channel 11), but if you miss the beginning of "Moonstruck," don't worry. It is the ending of director Norman Jewison's 1987 hit that provides as sublimely funny a climax as any comedy in recent memory. Cher and Olympia Dukakis both won Oscars in the romantic story.

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