Canseco, teammates make up


OAKLAND, Calif. -- Jose Canseco explained himself to catcher Terry Steinbach and several other teammates, and peace has returned to the Oakland A's clubhouse.

Steinbach was one of the most vocal critics after Canseco left the stadium before the conclusion of Monday night's game. Canseco said he left because of a personal problem.

"I had a couple of valid points and he had some points that I had overlooked," said Steinbach, who said he was still glad he had spoken up. "Little things like this can be the difference between winning and losing. It's best to get them out in the open so they can be discussed."

"It ended up perfect," said Canseco. "He ended up apologizing to me. He understands the situation now. He knows why I had to leave early."

Canseco, who took himself out of Monday's game with a stiff back, said he hoped to play today, depending on how he comes through batting practice.

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