WINDOW display at Johns Hopkins Hospital Book...


WINDOW display at Johns Hopkins Hospital Book Store: A full skeleton, seated in a rocking chair, is wearing a Memorial Stadium tee-shirt. Is there supposed to be a message there? (If so, it's old news.)

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DEMOGRAPHERS rely, of course, on population growth statistics as the ultimate arbiter of the development of an area. But another telling symptom of the urbanization of Maryland is the number of elevators around the state. As growth pushes farther from the urban core, so do taller buildings, some of which need elevators.

The state Department of Labor and Industry's figures on elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators and handicapped lifts are pretty much what one would expect. The leaders: Baltimore City has the most, at 4,088, followed by Montgomery County, 2,912; Baltimore County, 1,585; Prince George's County, 1,376; Anne Arundel County, 663; Worcester County (home of Ocean City), 388; Howard County, 342; Washington County (home of Hagerstown), 319; Frederick County, 216; Allegany County, 199; Carroll County, 146, and Harford County (with a strong residential over commercial imbalance), 137.

The jurisdiction with the least? Caroline County on the Eastern Shore, with eight.

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