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For a four-star filet mignon, stuff it with regal Roquefort


Every so often an occasion arises that requires some extra indulgences and luxury. A meal that executes this theme does not have to be time consuming. Some of the highest quality ingredients require little adornment and can simply stand on their own.

Roquefort, a very noble and creamy, blue-veined cheese, aged only in the caves of Roquefort, France, adds the most elite of flavors to a luscious filet mignon. Because of its extremely creamy texture, it is the best of all blue-veined cheeses for this treatment. This recipe from Gallagher's Restaurant in New York City, so piqued Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf's appetite, that it is now his namesake.

Tiny Red Bliss potatoes are a very fitting starch for this menu. They can be steamed for about 10 minutes, thrown on the grill next to the filet mignon if desired, or even microwaved for 8 to 10 minutes. Serve sauteed freshly sliced mushrooms and red bell pepper strips as the vegetable. For color and flavor, this saute should be tossed with two thinly sliced scallions at the finish.

A dessert of huge strawberries dipped at the table in a large bowl of warm, thick fudge sauce finishes this snappy but elegant meal.

Items you should have in your pantry include:

2 scallions or fresh chives or fresh herbs

1 red bell pepper

olive oil, salt and pepper.

Your 10-item-or-less shopping list:

2 ounces Roquefort cheese

1 1/2 pound filet mignon (trimmed)

1/2 pound large mushrooms

1 pound baby Red Bliss potatoes

1 pound fresh strawberries

jar of fudge sauce

Filet Mignon Schwarzkopf

Serves 4.

2 ounces Roquefort cheese, at room temperature

4 6-ounce filet mignons -- about 1 1/2 -inches thick, sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Heat charcoal or gas grill or oven broiler. If using grill, the small potatoes can be added first to less direct heat and turned once to cook (about 12 to 16 minutes).

Meanwhile, with a small paring knife, cut a horizontal slit in the center of each filet to make a pocket similar to that of a donut. Do not cut in half horizontally. Stuff each pocket with a heaping teaspoon of Roquefort cheese, reserving some for the top.

With grill or broiler pan close to heat, cook 6 minutes on one side. Flip and cook 6 minutes more for medium rare. Top each filet with a final dab of Roquefort for the last minute of cooking time.


Filet mignon Schwarzkopf




and red bell peppers


Baby red bliss






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