Bedding merchants promise to make patrons comfortable


FINKSBURG -- Steve Haley and Terry Shaw hope that their experience, coupled with quality bedding and low prices, will be the right mix for success in their new business venture.

The two men recently opened Mattress Palace, a discount bedding and brass store, in the Boulevard Exchange on state Route 140 in Finksburg.

Mr. Haley, 35, who lives in Howard County, and Mr. Shaw, 33, of Anne Arundel County, have a combined total of 18 years in the bedding business.

They said they will use their expertise to help each customer get a good deal and a proper fit.

"We have been in the business a long time, and we know the products," said Mr. Haley. "We want to help people find the right mattress for the best price. Bedding is something people do not buy every day, so it's something they do not know a lot about."

Mr. Haley, who lives in Howard County, said he and Mr. Shaw cultivated their business idea in 1989, when they worked for a mattress sales company in the Baltimore-Washington area.

"We worked for the same company at one point and we had gained a mutual respect for one another," Mr. Haley said. "We talked about going into business together and hashed it out for a couple of years."

Last summer, they made the move to open their own store.

"One day we just decided it was time to go," said Mr. Shaw, 33. "We decided we wanted to go out on our own and do something for ourselves."

Both men agreed that the northwest corridor, connecting Baltimore and Carroll counties, would be an ideal location.

"We were looking for something along the boulevard [Route 140]," Mr. Haley said. "Terry had been out this way and he noticed that this space was empty. He called me to tell me, and we jumped on it."

The 3,000-square-foot store houses a large stock of mattresses, including 23 models made by such manufacturers as Sealy, Eclipse and Symbol.

Mr. Shaw said that by knowing the manufacturers and their competition, they are able to stand by their low prices.

"We guarantee our prices are the lowest anywhere on the East Coast. We guarantee if you find it [one of their products] anywhere else for less, we will give you double the difference," he said.

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