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Wrong message sent

From: Richard Luebke

Ellicott City

This letter responds to the cartoon displayed on Page 9 of the Aug. 2 Howard County Sun [by Rob Snyder].

The ignorance displayed by this cartoon lampooning the Howard County Council is most appalling. On the contrary, the County Council (sitting as the zoning board) should be commended for adhering to the required legal test for rezoning and discounting the petitioner's half-truths and other factual distortions. Without the legal test, developers and big business would be selfishly dictating county zoning policy.

Sufficient empirical data exists to counter claims by large discount chains, such as Wal-Mart, that they bring "business, revenues and jobs yearning to be filled." Instead of a knight riding into town on a horse, it would have been more appropriate to depict the petitioner's case with Darth Vader riding a bulldozer.

Notwithstanding the legal test, this type of massive commercial development was clearly incompatible with the existing neighborhood. How many Howard County residents would sacrifice their children's safety and the ability to someday sell their home so others could save a few dollars a year in shopping?

The County Council should be applauded for its decision, a decision that tells developers and big business that they cannot arrogantly demand rezoning, a decision that allows all Howard County residents to rest assured that massive commercial development will not invade their back yards.

What's with council?

From: Michael and Amy King

Ellicott City

We find it inconceivable that a community in Howard County cannot get a meeting with the council.

Isn't the council supposed to be the sounding board for its constituents? Could there be a conflict of interest in that the chairman of the council works for the Department of Transportation?

Could it be that Route 100 is such an unresolved hot cake that any concerns voiced by the neighboring communities is to be ignored and belittled?

It makes us wonder whose side the council is on.

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