Trees cut residents dismayed


WESTMINSTER -- Four large maple trees, on the property of Western Maryland College in the 100 block of Pennsylvania Ave., were unceremoniously chopped to the ground on Tuesday.

The trees, which provided shade for both students and neighbors, were cut down, chopped up and carted away to the dismay of several residents who live just across the street from the college and have enjoyed them for many years.

Walter Bartlett, who is recovering from a recent heart attack and still carrying a monitor at his side, said the trees not only provided shade but helped dissipate some of the carbon monoxide from cars and trucks on the busy city street.

Chris Hart, public information officer at the college, said "the trees were badly decayed and that numerous large branches had fallen". He added, "The college had checked with a local tree trimming company who also checked the four maples and suggested they be removed."

Mr. Hart said the policy of the college is to plant at least one tree for each one cut down and that would be done in this case.

College officials will ask the city for suggestions as to the best type of tree for replacement, Mr. Hart said.

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