The Landing offers variety of appetizing specials


'TC The Landing is, as the restaurant notes on its take-home menu, "a place with warmth and grace." And much more.

Even though we weren't fortunate enough to enjoy the coziness of the restaurant's main dining room, we found the deck almost )) equally inviting. There's nothing wrong with a warm evening breeze and a view of water -- a canal, in this case.

Like other fine dining establishments, the Landing offers a variety of early bird specials. We were too late to take advantage of those, but found other regular summer specials equally appetizing and reasonably priced.

The breast of chicken Maryland ($12.95), for instance, was a culinary delight. The breast was stuffed with Maryland crab and California walnuts and topped with a white wine and mushroom sauce.

The broiled flounder ($13.95), though not a dinner special but a regular menu selection, was equally satisfying. The fish, prepared in lemon butter, was tender and flaky.

There are other pluses to be found here. The homemade honey bread served with each meal is delicious. The salads area is made up of a variety of garden vegetables. And each entree is served with decorative slices of oranges, lemons and strawberries.

The Landing's menu is varied, featuring veal, lamb and chicken, as well as "treasures from our waters."

Although we decided not to indulge in either appetizer or dessert, the selections are varied.

The appetizers, primarily seafood, include homemade snapper turtle soup, escargots and Baked Oysters Marie.

The desserts are made fresh daily by chef and owner John Staub and his staff.

By the way, a child's entree (in our case, a breast of chicken ($5.95), broiled in lemon butter) is prepared with as much attention as an adult entree.

We found the staff courteous and our waitress personable and attentive.

Next time around we plan to arrive at The Landing early enough to secure one of those much-coveted tables in the dining room.

The Landing


122nd Street and Coastal Highway, (410) 250-0400

Hours: 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club

Non-smoking section? Yes.

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