Carroll's June unemployment rates rose, reversing a 4-month trend Analyst traces jump to WMC workers


Unemployment rose in Carroll County in June, reversing the steady decline of the previous four months.

The rise could be temporary, caused by workers at the schools and Western Maryland College who are looking for summer work, said Patrick Arnold, director of labor market analysis in the Maryland Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED). They will have jobs to go back to in September, he noted.

"In Carroll County, I think there's a stronger than usual influence of [seasonal school employment]," Mr. Arnold said. "It's because of Western Maryland College -- a really important educational facility in a rural, not-so-populated area."

The college has more influence on the county's economy than do colleges in larger cities and more populous counties, he said.

Another factor contributing to the rise has been layoffs throughout the state and in printing and publishing firms in Carroll.

The county's unemployment rate for June was 6.1 percent, as compared with 5.7 percent in May, the state DEED office reported Friday. The difference amounts to 33 more people unemployed in June than in May.

The statewide unemployment rate is slightly higher than Carroll County's, at 6.9 percent in June, as compared with 6.7 percent in May. However, the statewide rise from May to June is not as high as in the county.

The figures are based on a total civilian labor force in Carroll of 65,294 in June, as compared with 63,980 in May. The civilian labor force is the total number of people employed in the county as well as those actively seeking work.

Although the unemployment rate went up, so did the number of people working in the county. The latest figures show 61,331 employed in June, as compared with 60,350 in May.

Until June, the unemployment rate had steadily declined from 8.5 percent in February.

In June 1991, the county's unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, 1.1 percent lower than this year.

U.S. unemployment rates are 7.8 percent for June and 7.5 percent for May. The U.S. figure for July is 7.7 percent.

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