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Should the top Carroll school officials get...


Should the top Carroll school officials get a raise?The county school board recently approved a $6,000 increase in the salary of Superintendent R. Edward Shilling, saying his contract called for it and he deserved it for doing an outstanding job. The board also OK'd a $3,000 annual increase for Deputy Superintendent Brian Lockard, recommended by Mr. Shilling because Mr. Lockard has taken on additional duties.

Mr. Shilling's new annual salary is more than $104,000; under the terms of his contract it will rise to $118,000 by July 1994. He also receives substantial benefits and would be paid the entire four-year balance of his salary if he were fired for unsatisfactory performance.

In light of budget cuts and the failure of many school employees to get a raise this year, should the board have raised these salaries? Does the importance of a strong educational system warrant these pay levels? Should Mr. Shilling and Mr. Lockard have turned down the raises?

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