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Plant a treeFrom: Virginia ThomasColumbiaI know that...


Plant a tree

From: Virginia Thomas


I know that many Howard County residents are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Broken Land Parkway interchange with U.S. 29. With the opening scheduled for September, congestion created by the current intersection will soon be eliminated.

While traffic flow will be facilitated with the completion of this and the Seneca Drive interchange, a price has been paid in terms of loss of trees and other vegetation at these sites. Although the State Highway Administration will be providing some landscaping, I am working with some community organizations who have volunteered to plant additional trees as offered through the Maryland TREEmendous program.

I've worked before with a community organization that did a similar and very successful planting project at the Route 108 and U.S. 29 interchange. With decreased government funding and cutbacks, cooperative project such as these would be most helpful in supplementing what the state is able to do.

Now that many of you will have more time on your hands since you will no longer be sitting through several light changes along U.S. 29, why not donate some of that time to plant a tree? If you would like to volunteer as an individual or if you have an organization that would like to participate in any environmental and beautification program, please contact me at my district office, 730-0485. Any assistance in helping on this grass-roots project would be much appreciated.

(Virginia Thomas is a state delegate in District 13A and vice chairwoman of the Environmental Matters Committee.)

Council was correct

From: Kevin Schaefer

Ellicott City

Congratulations to the Howard County Council for refusing to use tax dollars to purchase St. Mary's Cemetery. It would have set a terrible precedent. Every special interest group that opposed the development of any other piece of property would have been at the county offices requesting tax dollars to purchase property.

It is about time for citizens and politicians to understand that there are problems that are not appropriately solved by the use of government intervention and/or the spending of tax dollars. I would suggest that questions of religion and morality are the last place we should want government to intervene.

Thanks to friends

From: Sandra A. Pezzoli

Ellicott City

As the Baltimore community knows, the Friends of St. Mary's has been objecting to the desecration of an old Catholic cemetery in Ellicott City.

Our voice is clearly growing as people respond by calling or writing their elected officials and church leaders. To you, we say, "Thanks."

There are many friends of St. Mary's, but two in particular deserve a public acknowledgment. They are Councilman Vernon Gray and his assistant, Sharon Rogers. It is their commitment to this issue and work toward resolution that will remain with the Friends of St. Mary's for a long time.

(Sandra A. Pezzoli is a board member of Friends of St. Mary's.)

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