Woman assaulted in Ellicott CityRory Wade Leftwich,...


Woman assaulted in Ellicott City

Rory Wade Leftwich, of the 8200 block of Wellington Place,

was arrested Wednesday in Ocean City. He was charged with burglary, theft and two counts of theft from automobiles, police said.

Mr. Leftwich eluded authorities for 10 days before his capture, police said.

Police said they've been searching for him since late July, when his fingerprints were allegedly recovered from the scene of an attempted burglary in the 3200 block of Regents Row and a burglary in the 3200 block of Parliament Place in West Friendship.

During the break-ins, police said cash, credit cards, jewelry and food were taken.. Police are investigating to learn if Mr. Leftwich was involved in other burglaries.

* Clarksville:

5500 block of Broadwater Lane, Aug. 4. An officer responded to an alarm at noon and found that a window screen had been cut out. The suspect had entered through the window and stolen a watch.

12200 block of Hall Shop Road, Aug. 4. A 1992 Chevy Lumina was taken from the sales lot before 6 a.m. and returned.

* Columbia:

5400 block of Harper's Farm Road, Aug. 6. The door hinges were removed from a storage shed before 5 p.m. and bicycles were taken.

6300 block of Frostwork Row, Aug. 5. A suspect entered through a door before 5:30 p.m. and took clothing.

I4600 block of Palomino Court. A 1987 Dodge 600 with Maryland tags ZNF 659 was stolen between 4 p.m. Aug. 3 and 1 a.m. Aug. 4.

xTC 6200 block of Sunny Spring, Aug. 3. An unlocked door was entered before 2 p.m. and jewelry was taken.

5400 block of Cedar Lane, Aug. 3. A resident found a door ajar before 4:45 a.m. and saw a suspect's hand reaching through the door to unlatch the chain lock. There was no forced entry.

4765 Dorsey Hall Drive, Aug. 3. An attempt was made to pry open the door of the Linden Hall Community Center before 4:40 p.m. There was no forced entry.

9693 Gerwig Lane, Aug. 3. Glass was smashed at Janal Pools, Inc. and a cash register with an undisclosed amount of cash was taken before 4:13 p.m. A

15-year-old Columbia youth was arrested.

6000 block of Misty Arch Run, Aug. 4. An open garage was entered before 7 p.m. and bicycles were taken before 4:13 p.m. A 15-year-old Columbia youth was arrested.

5900 block of Iron Frame Way, Aug. 5. An open garage was entered before 11 a.m. and a bicycle was taken.

8800 block of Tamebird Court, Aug. 5. A 1990 tan Mazda 626 with Maryland tags YLW699 was stolen before 7:30 a.m.

* Elkridge:

7000 block of Ducketts Lane, Aug. 6. In a domestic incident a house was ransacked and jewelry was taken before 3:20 a.m.

* Ellicott City:

8400 block of High Ridge Road, Aug. 6. A door was kicked in before 11:20 a.m. and a VCR, computer and stereo were taken.

8600 block of Manahan Drive, Aug. 3. A 1986 white Nissan Sentra with Maryland tags ZPR670 was stolen before 3:15 a.m.

9200 block of Marydell Road, Aug. 5. A VCR, television, recorder computer and watch were stolen before 3:25 p.m. from a house that was ransacked. A door frame was broken, a phone was left off the hook, and all the lights in the house were left on.

100 block of Route 144, Aug. 5. A window was pried open sometime before 2 p.m.

5700 block of Main Street, Aug. 5. A 1974 International Scout II with Maryland tags 484289M was stolen before 10:10 p.m. The keys were left in the vehicle.

100 block of Route 144, Aug. 5. A window was pried open sometime before 2 p.m.

9800 block of Diversified Lane, Aug. 4. A resident was awakened after three suspects kicked in a back door. The resident shouted that she was calling the police and the suspects fled toward Old Mill Road. The suspects were described as three males wearing dark clothes and masks or stockings. They were driving a light-colored mini-van with a loud engine.

3100 block of Sona Trail. A house under construction was entered between 4 p.m. Aug. 1 and 9 a.m. Aug. 3 and a generator and air compressor were stolen.

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