Dancer, 22, is charged in abduction Two 1-year-olds found safe and sound


A 22-year-old dancer from The Block, once convicted of kidnapping an infant, was charged yesterday with abducting two babies after telling their grandmother she was taking them for a walk at the Inner Harbor.

Rosetta Regina White of the 1600 block of Poplar Grove St. was arrested at 8 p.m. after a tip led investigators to a second-floor apartment in the 3700 block of Parkside Ave., Baltimore police said.

Police had charged her in a warrant with kidnapping LaAcosta Laleisha Cousins and Tavon Clinfard Graves, city police said. The 1-year-olds are half-brother and sister.

The children's disappearance prompted police to begin searching for White, who recently had made remarks that she might leave the country.

The FBI was alerted and other police agencies were notified.

"Supposedly, she's remarked the children were hers," said Lt. Robert Stanton of the homicide unit.

White was convicted for a 1988 kidnapping of 6-month-old Andre Cosentino. She received a suspended sentence and probation for the offense, in which she kept the boy two days before her arrest in Druid Hill Park.

In Tuesday's alleged abduction, White went to the infants' home in the 500 block of N. Stricker St. and asked to take them out for a walk, Minnie McFadden, the children's aunt, reported. The children are in the custody of their grandmother. White is a friend of the children's mother, who lives elsewhere, Ms. McFadden said.

"She was supposed to be back by 7, but she never came back with the kids," Ms. McFadden said, adding White did not seem to be untrustworthy and seemed to be good with the children, whom she visited.

"We didn't think she'd want to take them away," Ms. McFadden said. "She didn't seem lonely or anything. How lonely can you be if you're a dancer on The Block?"

Family members were reunited with the children at Johns Hopkins Hospital last night. The children were checked by doctors and had no physical problems. White was jailed at the Women's Detention Center.

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