Saturday 'Today' host chided for his looks


Among the many critical arrows slung at last week's debut of the Saturday "Today" show was a poison dart aimed at co-host Scott Simon's face, which one scribe labeled "a woeful countenance." Tough stuff for a National Public Radio star used to kudos, not KOs.

"I've made jokes for years that I have a face for radio," says Mr. Simon, 40, on-air partners with former beauty queen Jackie Nespral, 26. "There's nothing I can do about my face. It's the only face I've got. I guess I could go to a clinic, but that would be too expensive.

"But seriously, I hope to God that no one kind of face has to be the face for television. I hope the whole idea is that normal people who don't necessarily have the most appealing faces can be on TV. I guess we'll find out."

As for the monitor: "I'm trying my best. Our crew was new, too."

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