Wahoo, bigeye tuna records broken in White Marlin Open


OCEAN CITY -- By 7 p.m. yesterday only a handful of boats had come to the scales at the White Marlin Open -- but during the course of an hour, two tournament records had been set.

"We have never had two tournament records set in one day, much less two in one hour," said tournament director Chuck Motsko.

John Main, fishing aboard Impulsive from Churchville, set the Open mark for wahoo with a catch of 87 pounds.

But Slim Freitas of Port St. Lucie, Fla., fishing aboard Moderation out of Woodbridge, N.J., brought in a 326-pound bigeye tuna to break the Open record by 44 pounds.

Roger Glynn, also fishing aboard Moderation, brought in a 271.5-pound bigeye to take second place.

"This was a double hookup," Glynn said of the two tuna hooked at once aboard Moderation. "Slim drove 20 hours to get here from Florida to fish with us, and he said it was the best drive he ever made."

Glynn said Moderation was fishing beyond Poorman's Canyon in 1,000 fathoms.

Minutes later, John Troger, fishing aboard The Adventurous from Upper Saddle River, N.J., brought in a 270-pound bigeye.

In the space of an hour, the tuna category had been swept clean. Earlier in the week, few believed Richard Joy's 266.5-pound tuna would be knocked out of first place, much less knocked out of the top three.

The third-place tuna would have been good enough to take first place in 18 of the past 19 years.

The world record for bigeye tuna is 375 pounds, set by Cecil

Browne of Ocean City in 1977.

The state record for bluefin tuna is 625 pounds, set by James R. V. Daniels IV in 1975. The wahoo mark had stood since 1979.

Results (Through yesterday) White marlin -- 1. Bob Bell, Shamrock, 80.5 pounds; 2. Brent Hofmann, Sea Roamer, 74 pounds; 3. Ernie Duckett, Fandango, 71 pounds.

Blue marlin -- no qualifiers weighed.

Tuna -- 1. Slim Freitas, Moderation, 326 pounds (tournament record); 2. Roger Glynn, Moderation, 271.5 pounds, 3. John Troger, The Adventurous, 270 pounds.

Dolphin -- 1. Randy Worthington, Impulsive, 60 pounds; 2. Ben Poe, Trashman, 31.0 pounds; 3. John McGin, Sea Mistress, 28 pounds.

Wahoo -- 1. John Main, Impulsive, 87 pounds (tournament record); 2. David Kolb, Yankee Babe, 46.5 pounds; 3. Kelly Conway, Ell-An-Bro, 43.5 pounds.

' Shark -- no qualifiers.

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