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Sister of Mercy


Thousands gathered yesterday outside St. Wenceslaus Church in East Baltimore to catch a glimpse of Mother Teresa as she dedicated a convent for her order of Roman Catholic nuns near the church. Mother Teresa is regarded by many as a living saint for her work among the poor of Calcutta. Four nuns from her Missionaries of Charity arrived in Baltimore last April and have been quietly but efficiently ministering to the city's neediest.

Mother Teresa's visit was a timely reminder of how much remains to be done to help those who have fallen through society's safety nets, and particularly impoverished AIDS patients. Missionaries of Charity nuns have already established an AIDS hospice at their Gift of Hope Convent here. But in coming years, the number of indigent victims of this terrible scourge will multiply far beyond the capacity of even their Christian charity to succor. Let us hope the humble work of these sisters of mercy spurs city officials to redouble their efforts to meet the challenge posed by what has become one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.

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