Rolling out sweet options for pizza


The neat thing about pizza -- the savory kind -- is that each one can be tailored to individual taste in the toppings. Dessert pizzas are even more versatile: you can choose the crust, the "sauce" and the toppings, mixing and matching as you please. Remember, unlike a savory pizza where the ingredients are piled on, a sweet pizza needs a light touch. Spread the "sauce" lightly, don't overload with too many toppings, and merely drizzle with melted chocolate or preserves or top with shaved chocolate.

Here are some suggestions for basic ingredients:


*Sweet pizza dough (see recipe in accompanying story)

*Puff pastry

*Chocolate cookie dough

*Sugar cookie dough


*Fruit puree

*Jams and preserves

*Cream cheese or cheesecake


*Ice cream or frozen yogurt

*For the more ambitious cook: Creme anglaise, chocolate or white chocolate ganache


*Sliced fruit

*Chocolate or butterscotch chips

*Crushed candy bars

*Jimmies, or other candy sprinkles


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