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50 Years Ago (week of Aug. 9-15,...


50 Years Ago (week of Aug. 9-15, 1942):

* Five Ellicott City merchants were charged with violating new regulations imposed by the Board of County Commissioners acting as the Board of Health. Each merchant was charged with "obstructing the free and full use of the sidewalk" by placing merchandise outside their stores. Attorneys representing the "Ellicott City Five" declared that the county commissioners did not have the authority to impose health regulations. Nevertheless, the merchants appeared before Magistrate Louis M. Leimbach, were found guilty as charged, and fined $1 plus court costs for each first offense, and $5 for each additional offense. Three of the five merchants planned to appeal the verdict to a higher court.

25 Years Ago (week of Aug. 6-12, 1967):

* The Howard County Interracial Commission agreed to poll all county public agencies to determine how many black workers were employed above the level of custodian. The commission also pointed out that the police department did not seem to be pursuing the hiring of black officers, which was seen as a possible way of helping to ease tensions resulting from recent racial incidents in the county.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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