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Two outdoor travel magazines make their debut


Never mind that a recession is on; two new magazines published in Northern California and dedicated to travel and the outdoors premiered last month, each targeting a different audience.

Outdoor Family, published in Sacramento by husband/wife team Craig and Ronit Rieser, is, as the name implies, aimed at families interested in exploring the outdoors.

Parents of young children should find inspiration and encouragement in articles covering suggestions for day and weekend excursions, reviews of books and equipment, accounts family adventures and advice on outdoor parenting.

The Riesers, who have worked as professional white-water river guides and are the parents of two, say the magazine was an outgrowth of the recreational dilemmas they faced once their children were born.

"We feel very strongly about the value of the outdoors and the environment, and this is something we want to bring our children into," Ronit Rieser said. "And so many of our friends are in the same boat we are -- they're older parents who've been active in the outdoors all their lives and are suddenly faced with the problem of 'how do you do the things you used to do now that you have kids?' "

The premier issue -- 24 pages and illustrated with black-and-white photographs -- goes a long way toward answering that question. Articles include tips on hiking and camping with young children, imparting wilderness ethics, a family travel guide to the Shasta/Trinity region of Northern California and an account of the editors' six-day family raft trip on the Klamath River.

Future issues (the magazine is to be published bimonthly) will continue to focus on California and environs. Subscriptions are $16 a year (six issues) or $30 for two years, from Outdoor Family, P.O. Box 191893, Sacramento, Calif. 95819-1893.

The second new magazine to hit the stands this month is the slick, four-color, nationally distributed quarterly Adventure West, published in Truckee by Ski West Publications Inc.

Focusing exclusively on the 13 westernmost states and western Canada, the magazine aims, as marketing services manager Dan Nourse explained, "to bring the West to its residents" with articles on every thing from sea kayaking off the Northern California coast, to hiking Death Valley.

"It's a participatory magazine as opposed to a spectator magazine; a guide to doing things, as opposed to a dream book," he said. "The point is to get people off their couches and into the adventures themselves."

To be published quarterly, Adventure West will cover skiing in the winter and a mix of Western destinations, events and activities the rest of the year. The premier issue, with 80 lavishly illustrated pages, is on sale at newsstands. Subscriptions are $7.95 a year (four issues) or $14.95 for two years from Adventure West, Subscription Dept., P.O. Box 721, Reno, Nev. 89510-9826.

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