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T his chart and map track recent...


T his chart and map track recent movements in single-family home sales in Anne Arundel County by ZIP Code. The chart lists sales volume and median price for April 1992, the most recent month for which data was available, and for the first four months of 1992, and compares those figures to comparable 1991 statistics. The map reflects percentage changes between the median price during January to April 1992 and the same period last year.

In future weeks, charts and maps will appear for Harford County; Baltimore and Baltimore County; and Howard and Carroll counties. The next metro-wide roundup of sales activity will appear at the end of the third quarter.

These figures show general residential real estate price trends, and should not be misconstrued to show the relative increase or decrease in value of any particular property. At any given time, there may be more sales activity in certain market niches -- starter homes, for example -- and this may distort median price.

The information is provided by Rufus S. Lusk & Son Inc.

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