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Editor: I want to commend you on your article concerning Dennis Wise ["The Power of the Pen," July 5]. I am a writer and have written a number of articles for different newspapers. I [also have] firsthand knowledge of what goes on in our prisons. For this reason I believe that I am in a better position to evaluate the excellent work you accomplished. I could also appreciate the merits of Dennis Wise's excellent article ["We Want That Officer Back Alive and Safe"] and his moving account of the recent traumatic events occurring in our prison.

You could not have used a more imaginative method of convincing me of the change and the tremendous spiritual possibilities that reside in this man. Thank you for the many hours of intensive preparation that preceded Patrick A. McGuire's excellent article. This is reporting at its best. I would never have known that such a man existed had it not been for your . . . efforts in bringing forth this amazing account of one man's efforts to turn his life around.

Bernard Haygood Jr.


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