Oates too soft on RipkenI'm sure I...


Oates too soft on Ripken

I'm sure I express the sentiments of many fans when I say Cal Ripken Jr. is not a team player. I say this because many games have been lost because he will not give up the third batting position. Practically every time he comes to bat, there are men in scoring position. He either strikes out or hits into a double play.

Since Johnny Oates doesn't have the guts to pinch hit for him, Ripken should ask to be placed in the last position or take a rest. A team player plays to win.

I believe the Orioles would be two or three games from first place if Oates would do his job and move Cal out of the third batting position.

The other players are playing too well to lose so many close games.

Sallie L. Herring

Baltimore It is obvious that Eli Jacobs is waiting until the end of the season to unload Cal Ripken.

As each game goes on record, Ripken is proving that he is a mediocre shortstop. Granted, he has sure hands, but he is too slow and awkward to be compared with Ozzie Smith and Ozzie Guillen.

E9 With or without Ripken, I'll still be an Orioles fan.

Bob Weis

White Marsh

Pack up, Jon

I applaud Clarence J. Miller Sr. for coming forth to ask that Jon Miller be sent packing. I don't miss a game on TV, and when he's on, I sit with my control in hand. Most times I watch the game in silence. We only need scores. We want what the people in the ballpark want, a ballgame minus charts and mouth.

Amy Hosford


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