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NAACP not sacrosanctFrom: Robert RobustoBel AirPerhaps you...


NAACP not sacrosanct

From: Robert Robusto

Bel Air

Perhaps you would allow a rebuttal to the letter and the article "Investigate school board" and "NAACP charges racism" (Harford County Sun, July 26) concerning the NAACP president's gripes about "racial" matters.

He lists a number of concerns and complaints. It's about time a white person gets the chance to say something -- after all, all of the NAACP complaints are against the white establishment.

It's getting to the point that all these whiners have to do is send a letter to the scared officials concerned and -- presto -- the

matter is resolved as the officials bend over backward to appease groups like the NAACP.

Look, the NAACP is not sacrosanct.

The head of the NAACP lists a number of complaints, and some should be addressed. First, of course, is the same old song of quotas and the lack of promotions and hiring.

Another complaint is the inadequate preparation for employment minority students. Whose fault is that? It's either the school that teaches more about sex education, social studies and other useless subjects that have nothing to do with future employment, or it's the inability of the student who knows too much about the latest rap groups, sex and television shows, for example, to show his talent for employment in the workplace.

The NAACP gripes about "discriminatory statements, jokes, off-color jokes, foul language, etc." What a farce. Where is the NAACP's outrage about Ice-T and 2 Live Crew and their filthy language and advocacy for violence? Or is that because these musicians are black and thus have special license to blabber filthy language?

Every complaint by the NAACP could be met with rational rebuttal, but, unfortunately, the cowards in charge will punish the masses in order to appease malcontents such as those of the NAACP. When white people complain about any problems, they are ignored and even called "racists."

There are so many cowards ready, willing and able to erode the rights of the white population in order to kowtow to charges from

groups such as the NAACP, many people actually believe that this is a way of life. Baloney!

Being white is as proud a heritage as being black is to the 'D NAACP, and if the NAACP doesn't like us being white -- tough!

Courting businesses

From: Fred Lange


In case you haven't heard, the German car manufacturing firm BMW is building a plant in the United States.

The media have made sure that you know of our governor's trips (vacations?) to Europe and North Africa, "beating the bushes" to drum up business for our state.

A large group of "experts" -- at your expense -- leave no stone unturned in their search for an economic bonanza.

Without much fanfare, BMW will move into South Carolina, bringing with them approximately 2,000 jobs, causing expanded payrolls, housing purchases, retail sales and other income to the state in the millions of dollars. How did the state make this happen?

One major step was a concession to BMW on corporate state taxes. There was probably other assistance offered to make the decision economically attractive.

What has Maryland done lately to attract businesses into the state? We were classified as a "tax hell" before the last session of the legislature -- and then taxes were increased again despite warnings of the danger of ever-increasing business costs.

Is your memory long enough to remember when real estate and && tax breaks got Glenn L. Martin to locate in Middle River? Jobs, jobs and more jobs were the long-term results. How soon we forget!

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